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Tuesday @ The Registry

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Javisst! Igår var vi ute igen. Tisdagar innebär The Registry, mitt nya favorithak. Schysst inredning, billig öl, rockmusik och långhåriga pojkar. Lite väl unga pojkar ibland, kanske. Något Annikki fick erfara igår, när en 21-årig yngling inte hade ögon för någon annan än henne.

"But you dont know how old I am. Im 27 years. " - A
"Ahhh, OK...Well, thats OK.." - Ynglingen som fick något fasansfullt i blicken. En gammal människa, vaaa?!

Funniest: Kristina (Or Jackie, as we call her, in the taxi to The Registry. Johanna explains why one shouldn´t do a certain sign with your two fingers, since that´s really bad here in the UK. U know what I mean, right? Anyway, Johanna says that she doesn´t care, since she wants to show everybody her beautiful nailpolish. Kristina looks at Johannas fingers, smiles and says: "Really? Is that how you say your name in Polish?"

I think I died just a little right there and then, on the taxifloor. Sooo funny!

Some parts of my blog will here from be written in english, since I know that I have some "Hesterians" that are reading. This is for you, guys! ;)


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