Taking the long way around

We die only once, and for such a long time

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Written somewhere on the boarder between siberia and russia

I miss the light in OZ. Its something with the sunsets in that part of the world that I truly miss, and want to bring back into my life. I feel contempt, like one, in sunsets like that. The dusks Im used to from my childhood always frightened me terribly. The end of a short winters day isnt a pretty thing, its a remorseful reminder of how short our lives are, and how soon we can except darkness to creep up on us. Within darkness there might be creatures waiting to bite our heads off. Or even worse, making us face ourselves and the decisions we need to make. I dont want any of that. I want light, happiness and the easy lifstyle Ive found already. Dont take that away from me, world. Its my addiction and I need it to find balance, I need to be humble.  


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29 yr ol´ Gypsyrose trying to find her way home while taking the long way around. Sees the world as her playground and doesnt have a clue where she´ll place her hat next. Blogs about travels, experiences and people she meets along the way and now mainly on the big move down under. Dont let the youth be wasted on the young!



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